Kayaking in Denmark and Norway

I have updated kayakr.net with one kayaking destination in Denmark and one in Norway. Denmark offers good kayaking and you can choose from really good surfing to calm and relaxed paddling in protected water. Norway is so beautiful and offers kayaking in fjords and archipelagos along an amazing coastline with dramatic mountains. Tomorrow I’m going for a longer trip in Stockholm Archipelago and I will update kayakar.net with new kayaking destinations when I get back home. Keep on paddling!


Kayaking in Bergen, Norway

johan klitmoller

Kayaking in Klitmoller, Denmark.

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One Response to “Kayaking in Denmark and Norway”

  1. Barry Golemiec on July 16th, 2012 11:42 pm

    I am going to Denmark this fall would love to surf at Klitmoller ! renting boat and such?? where who how??


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