Cool kayaking with Hurricane Riders

Hurricane riders are a group of long boat paddlers based in Deep Cove, BC, Canada. They do some really cool kayaking in the Skookumchuck Narrows in BC. Current speeds can exceed 16 knots (30 km/h). We do not have those tidal currents in Sweden. In Norway is an even stronger tidal current located, Saltstraumen, with water speeds reaching 20 knots (about 37 km/h). I haven’n seen any video clip from Saltstraumen. So for some inspiriation here is a great clip from the HCR.

Hurricane Riders in Skookumchuck

Visa Skookumchuck Narrows på en större karta

2 thoughts on “Cool kayaking with Hurricane Riders”

  1. Just simple trying to make contact with a paddler from the Hurricane Riders.
    Some of you are probably aware of Sea Kayaking UK who are based in wales England. We’re currently working on a DVD, wondering if you guys would be interested in taking part.

    Warm regards

    Vaughan Roberts

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