Windy paddling to Valö

I haven´t been to Valö for almost two months so it felt really nice heading south. The wind was coming from west on our way to Valö and didn’t give us any problems but on the sunday the direction had changed and the wind had increased to 13-14 m/s (25 knots). We tried to paddle against the wind but after just one hour we changed tactic. Instead of aiming ashore we went out to the major islands to get wind protection. It turned out to be a great idea when we later got an invitation to some friends at Styrsö. We joined them for some crayfish and later on in the evening the wind decreased again.

blogg valo

Valö light house in the morning


Patric in his new kayak “Corsa” design and built by our friend Ulf Johansson.

How to get friends into paddling

It is always nice to have friends with you when paddling. The best way to get them stuck into this activity is to have good condtions the first time they paddle. After that they will enjoy bad weather as well. My friend Sandra has tried paddling a couple of times before and this weekend we went out for an overnight trip outside Gothenburg. It was great weather and we had a really nice trip. I believe that Sandra will be a devoted kayaker.

Sandra on her way to Rävholmen