Paddling in Gothenburg Archipelago

I have had a nice weekend of paddling in Gothenburg Archipelago with two good friends. It is getting colder at night so we spent the night at Valo Lighthouse. During this period of the season it is hardly any boats sailing or cruising and the silence in the archipelago is remarkable. The sun is still warm during daytime, if you get protection from the wind, and we stayed outdoors in the sun reading books for a couple of hours.

valo Patric Fredrik

Fredrik and Patric are having some sun ritual 🙂


Morning walk around the island of Valö with the light house of Tistlarna in the distance.

valo lighthouse

Valö lighthouse


Gothenburg Canoe Association (GKF) has the privilage to tenant the Valo lighthouse. There is no electricity and we also need get fresh water from a well. A primitive but really nice way of living (for a few days).

The berries from rowan has a beautiful color.