Dreaming of waves

It’s still cold in Sweden than it usually is. Maybe it is the long winter or the ash from the Icelandic vulcano that are affecting our climate. I’m dreaming of the summer and some nice white water. Hopefully there will be some paddling in Stockholm Archipelago next weekend. But I don’t expect any white water there.

Magnus is side surfing at Härmanö huvud outside of Orust

Kayaking in the fog

The first kayak trip of the year went to the island of Valö. It is located in the south part of Göteborg Archipelago. Kayaking in Sweden has been a struggle this year. The winter has been really long and most parts of the coastline has been covered with ice. So it is a late premiere. It was a really windy paddling to Valö. Even if the distance is just 12 km I thought it was really hard. The trip back to Göteborg was really nice. A light breeze in the back and a nice fog that made the trip more adventurous.

Patric is having a rest, protected from the wind. When we left Göteborg is was sunny but it was just about to change…

Eric and Pia is having a rest on our way back to Göteborg

The best part of Valö is that we as members of the Göteborg Canoing Association have access to the lighthouse and the cabins. Some of the Cabins have a stove which makes the staying more comfortable. We had rain mixed with snow during sunday afternoon. Then it felt good that we had left the tents back home.

A video clip from the trip. Erik and Pia was already at Valö when we arrived.

Now I’m off for some cross country skiing in the mountains further north of Sweden.


After almost 6 months is the waiting over. The first paddling trip this year is a fact. We started in Göteborg and headed south to the island of Valö. It was quite windy and it felt as the longest trip ever. I have not been a frequent visitor at my gym last winter. I will suffer tomorrow…

At Valö we met Pia and Erik. They started their trip yesterday. I’m glad we are staying indoor tonight. The mix of rain and snow feels cold.

More pics from the trip will be published when I get back home. The picture below is taken with my Iphone and the Hipstamatic app.