Kayaking trip to Rivö

July 31, 2010

I have spent too many days indoors this year but last week my friend Patric suggested that we just should do a short trip to Rivö in Goteborg Archipelago. It’s about one hour kayaking trip from the harbor to Rivö. Rivö has a population of 35 sheep, 4 horses and some Ravens.

We had really nice weather and a really good time.

We spotted two caribous today! Built in Marstrand.

The view from Rivö is excellent. A nice spot for dinner!

Geveskär  in the inlet to Goteborg.

The wild raspberries at Rivö was delicious! :) The Public Access in Sweden is great.

The Hurricane Riders

July 28, 2010

I haven’t discovered it until today but The Hurricane Riders have a facebook site. A videoclip, learning to backsurf… was publicized there yesterday. I really enjoy watching these kayakers skills. And the production of the videos is also good.

Day trips

July 18, 2010

I have been kayaking the last couple of days and mostly day trips in Goteborg. Not very long or advanced paddling but still very nice and relaxing.

Gabriella is taking her first strokes ever! :)

Lunchbreak at Eskilsholmen in the Goteborg Archipelago.

Tomas is his Rumour in Goteborg Archipelago

Kayak survey – most popular kayak

July 13, 2010

During the spring I have  asked a question about what brand do your paddle. I listed 14 different common kayak brand (including build your own kayak and different brand). The result is not scientific but 117 did answer. The number one answer was different brand (26%) followed by Valley (15%) and Rockpool (10%). I was surprised by that high number of different brand. Well, my Silhouette from Foster Rowe is included in that number. So I can imagine there is many different brands. Click here for the complete list of the kayak survey.

By the way, Valley have a quite new design of their website. Pretty good actually.

The Clapotis Kayak is proberly one of the kayak brand that is not included in the list. It is very popular here in Goteborg.

Annual kayaking trip to Valö

July 5, 2010

First day of my vacation and kayaking. The weekend could not start in a better way. Well, I prefer tailwind so the the gale from south wasn’t that nice for a start. Otherwise it was great. Every year in the beginning of July the Gothenburg Canoe Club is having an open paddling trip to Valö. It is getting more and more popular. This year it was about 60 attendants from a lot of places in the south of Sweden. It is a relaxed atmosphere and lot of fun. There wasn’t any special program this year except the mandatory barbecue on saturday night. This year the wind trigged our  playfulness.

I’m having a break behind a small light house, to avoid the headwind for a while, on my way to Valö.

Some of the kayaks at Valö.

A group of paddlers are heading out to the waves.

Some islets south of Valö was the playground this time.

Tomas is getting out through the break in his Rumour.

followed by Andreas in his Clapotis.

Johan and Tomas is having fun.

Tomas posing in front of the camera.

Johan is the designer and builder of Clapotis and Clapotis 2.0.

High brace

Anders bought a hull from Johan and designed the Clapotis lowrider. Great work! I want one!

On the leeward of Valö some practiced sculling and eskimo rolling.

Some was just having a good time.

Saturday night and the barbeque

It was really calm conditions on our way back to Goteborg

A video from Valöträffen

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