Stockenträffen 2010

Stockenträffen at Orust was, as always, a very pleasant event. I haven’t heard any numbers but I guess the number of participants was about 200. The weather was quite good. Sunny and just a light breeze.

Besides good paddling and opportunities to meet lots of fun kayakers there was arranged paddling trips and different courses. Courses was held by Björn Thomasson. We went to the light house at Måseskär and some circumnavigated the island of Härmanö. On Saturday night was the traditional dinner at the Tofta Gård. Bengt Rodin showed his photos and talked about the kayaking trips he has done in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

The Kayak Association of Tjörn, arranged trips both days.

Björn Thomasson held courses in paddling technique and rolling technique.

The coolest skirt at the symposium this year! :)

It was crowded at Hermanö.

Some had  a looong lunch break

CJ and Marie raced against this old beautiful ship

Åsa, who joined us at the trip to the High Coast a couple of weeks ago, is getting ready for a shorter trip!

Måseskär lighthouse

Video clip from Stockenträffen

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