Kayaking in Fjällbacka Archipelago

The spring has arrived and it’s a very nice period in Sweden at the moment. My friends and I traveled to Fjällbacka archipelago for a few days of paddling over Easter. Fjällbacka located on the west coast, halfway (150 km) between Gothenburg, Sweden and Oslo, Norway. The archipelago is absolutely fantastic here. An absolute favorite kayaking destination in Sweden.

Fredrik is heading west from the starting point, close to the small picturesque city of Fjällbacka.

It was very calm days and hardly any motor or sailing boats. This part of the season is great!

Malin has built a Black Pearl during the winter but she chose her second kayak today.

And so did Jonas.

There are many pretty fishing villages in the archipelago.

Väderöarna (Weather islands) just visible in the mist

The water was calm and looked like a mirror

Some of the islands are pretty high. The View from Norra Dyngön is impressive.

Erik and Pia dropped by for a nice evening at St Måkholmen. They have an excellent kayak site, kajak.nu.

There is a fun story about the labyrinths at Måkholmen. A few years ago revealed the secret of the labyrinth. Scientists believed that the labyrinth was from the eleventh century. But it was some youngsters who had build them during the fifties.

Slackers at Stora Måkholmen! 🙂

We were not the only paddlers in Fjällbacka archipelago this weekend. This was a group of leaders from the outdoor organisation Norrviken (really nice pictures) from Stockholm.

The famous Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman (staring in Casablanca) used to live in Fjällbacka archipelago. She lived on a small island called Dannholmen. There is a statue of a pigeon that is clearly visible when approaching Dannholmen.

9 thoughts on “Kayaking in Fjällbacka Archipelago”

  1. Hi there,

    I would like to ask a few STUPID questions:
    – is september a month were it seems possible (if not perfect) to start a quick kayak tour around these islands?
    – is there any way to RENT a kayak from the mainland or a village on the archipelago?
    – do you think a 2 day trip around the islands is worth it.

    It might sound dumb but I have 2 days by mysefl in Göteborg and I am more like a wilderness guy. Visiting these islands by myself on a kayak would sound great to me. I’m not a professional kayaker but have some experience, am quite experienced in outdoor activities and not stupid enough to take creazy risks.
    Even though, if that sounds totaly absurd, please feel free to tell me 🙂

    Thanks and congratulations for your photos, they look fantastic.


    PS: off course if I can find anyone who wants to share the adventure, I’d be glad.

  2. No questions are stupid! 🙂

    September can be fantastic and it can also be really windy. Last weekend was really good on the Swedish Swest coast. Approx 20-21 C in air and 16-17 in the water. Now it is really windy. The storm Katia is hitting Sweden. The weather seems to be ok to the weekend.

    You can rent a kayak at http://www.kajakcenter.com/english.php but contact them before going there. It is off season.

    Fjällbacka and Grebbestad Arcipelago is really one of the most beautiful places in Sweden. I can highly recommend it. Now the colours are really nice starting to to spark in red and yellow. There is a fairly long trip with public transport to Grebbestad. If you only have two days I recommend the Gothenburg Archipelago as well, http://kayakr.net/kayaking-in-sweden/goteborg-archipelago/. contact escape outdoor to rent a kayak.

  3. Thanks for your great advice.

    I am getting pretty excited about going there 🙂
    Of course I understand the weather might put an end to my motivation… but we’ll see.

    I just contacted both Kajakcenter and Escape Outdoor for information about rentals.

    As you suggest, the Göteborg Archipelago might be the best option for me (again the pictures are very nice).

    If it turns out I manage to do anything interesting in the area I’ll get back to you with some stories 😉


  4. Hey,
    Thanks for your Blog!
    I write to you to have any informations. I’m a chaperon of frenchs teens travelling in Sweden next July!
    I would like to make a stop with them to make some canoe or kayak (I don’t know yet) around Fjällbacka!…and I want to know if you can recommand me something! Is-it easy to rent canoes there (for 27 people)? What about prices!..and is the area secure to practice it (wind, watterflow, etc..)?!..
    Sorry for my english…and thanks for your tips!

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