Surfski Spring Camp 2011

Last weekend the Surfski Spring Camp 2011 was held at Barnens Ö north of Stockholm. The organizer of the camp was Peter Ekström from Global Surfski.

The camp was really good. There was a mix of lectures, courses and kayaking for all paddlers regardless of level. As a complete beginner I had two missions. First was to get enough instructions to handle and understand the basics of a surfski. The second part was to test different models of surfskis.

Leif Davidsson from Aterra held the beginners course.

There were a lot of different brands of surfskis. Many were new to me. One of the were Fusion. A cool design and cool guys! Martin from Multisportbloggen

As a beginner, I was very well looked after. There was always someone more experienced paddler  near who could give instructions.

A track and field sprinter in a surfski.

Red and White! Danish?


More about the Spring camp

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4 Responses to “Surfski Spring Camp 2011”

  1. TommyS on May 12th, 2011 12:25 am

    Well, how did your missions end up for you?

    Were you able to handle and understand the basics of a surfski? Did you test different surfskis? If so, do we have a winner?

    Btw, I still haven’t got the ski part of this thingie… Maybe you can shed some light on that by writing something up – in a new post maybe :-)

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