Sea Kayaking Book and DVD

It is almost like christmas, only six months away. I have ordered a sea kayaking book and a sea kayaking DVD a couple of days ago.¬† Today I have got the delivery from Pesda press. ūüôā

Nice! ūüôā

Sea Kayak Handling is written by Doug Cooper. Doug is a BCU level 5 coach based in Scotland. Sea Kayak Handling is a practical manual aimed for beginners and intermediate paddlers. It focus on four core concepts for effecient sea kayak handling: posture, connectivity, power transfer and feel. I have just had a glance in the book so far but it seems to cover the most. I will make a short review when i have read it.

The DVD is the Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown. Gordon is a doubly qualified level 5 coach (Sea & Inland kayak) and ACA (American Canoe Association) Advanced Open Water Instructor. He is also based in Scotland. According to the cover it is a journey on the west coast of Skye mixed with practical coaching sessions. I have a perfect activity, during a rainy Swedish summer day, in front of me.  Later this year Gordon will attend the Tjäröfestival in Blekinge, Sweden. I will review this aswell.


Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown – Main Trailer from Simon Willis on Vimeo.

Afternoon paddling

My friends Patric and Markus joined me today for a short kayak trip in the archipelago. I’m trying to learn how to use my new wingpaddle. It is a used wingpaddle but still a wingpaddle. I’m not sure if I will keep it but why not try something new for a while. At the moment I cant really tell any difference on the speed. I’m more confused when I cant do some common strokes. I will let you know more about my progress or if I will let the paddle be available on Ebay.

Markus joined us for the trip. He is paddling a kayak from Point65.

Patric is paddling a Zedtech Griffin. I joined him last november when he bought the Griffin. He is getting more comfortable in the Griffin now! ūüôā

John Linder, who finished second in the 24 hour paddle race in Malmo, has also bought a Zedtech Griffin. We met Johan on our way back to the harbor.

Kayaking bachelorette party

My girlfriend and I went for a walk in Gothenburg today. After enjoying a good cappuccino at Da Matteo, we went to the harbor. We spotted a group of kayaks, including the longest kayak I’ve ever seen. It was a bachelorette party that had rented a take-a-part kayak from Point65. They have two models of take-a-part kayak. I cant tell which of the models it was. Kayaking on the bachelorette party is a really nice arrangement.

Hen party in a kayak in a Tequila or Martini solo from Point65.

Kayaking trip to √Ąlvsborg fortress

We have had a long weekend in Sweden with excellent paddling weather. My friend Maria and I went our for three days of paddling in G√∂teborg Archipelago. The scenery in G√∂teborg archipelago is really nice and the access is also really good. I’d like to¬†see¬†the √Ąlvsborg fortress again,¬†and¬†Maria had¬†never¬†been there¬†before. It is located in the entrance of G√∂teborg harbour. So the distance is short but we have to cross the inlet¬†to¬†the harbour to¬†reach¬†the fortress. The traffic to and from G√∂teborg is sometimes very heavy but today it was just some ferries to and from Denmark that we had to keep attention to.

Maria outside the fortress

The guns at the fortress used to guard the city of G√∂teborg. But did it quite poorly…

Denmark has been succesful in capturing the fortress and the Swedish taxes raised to pay the ransom for the fortress i 1570. Since then we have kept the taxes at a high rate. ūüôā

From √Ąlvsborgs f√§stning we continued paddling to Galter√∂ where we spent the first night. I have been to Galter√∂ before before. The weather was nice but it got cold during the night.

Tent spot at Galterö. The second day offered really nice weather.

Kayaking among the skerries outside the island of Vargö.

From Galterö we paddled south toward Rävholmen. We had a nice soft tailwind and it did not take long until we reached Rävholmen.

We spend the second night at Rävhomen.

My Allak from Hilleberg at the tent spot at the island of Rävholmen

My new Qanik is really nice.

I was very pleased with my Qanik from the beginning and I start to appreciate it even more. I have re-mounted the back support. It gives me great support but it takes some time to adjust it before paddling because I sit on the back support each time I sit in the kayak. But it is worth it. I tried without the support but I was not strong enough to keep myself in a good paddling position. The acceleration of the Qanik is impressive. I catch waves that I have not managed to catch before. This was also the first time I have been out for more than one night with the Qanik. It works really well.

A swan appeared quite close to us
A¬†good friend, Fredrik, appeared¬†quite¬†close to¬†us. ūüôā
After spending an hour at a café  together with some sea kayaking friends at the island of Styrsö we headed for Hinsholmen after a really nice seakayaking trip.