Sea Kayaking Book and DVD

It is almost like christmas, only six months away. I have ordered a sea kayaking book and a sea kayaking DVD a couple of days ago.  Today I have got the delivery from Pesda press. 🙂

Nice! 🙂

Sea Kayak Handling is written by Doug Cooper. Doug is a BCU level 5 coach based in Scotland. Sea Kayak Handling is a practical manual aimed for beginners and intermediate paddlers. It focus on four core concepts for effecient sea kayak handling: posture, connectivity, power transfer and feel. I have just had a glance in the book so far but it seems to cover the most. I will make a short review when i have read it.

The DVD is the Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown. Gordon is a doubly qualified level 5 coach (Sea & Inland kayak) and ACA (American Canoe Association) Advanced Open Water Instructor. He is also based in Scotland. According to the cover it is a journey on the west coast of Skye mixed with practical coaching sessions. I have a perfect activity, during a rainy Swedish summer day, in front of me.  Later this year Gordon will attend the Tjäröfestival in Blekinge, Sweden. I will review this aswell.


Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown – Main Trailer from Simon Willis on Vimeo.

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