First paddling trip for the season

I have been paddling in January but this weekend was the first paddling trip for the season. The ice is almost all gone. We carried our kayaks about 200 meters from our club house and we had to paddle between some ice floe to reach open water but it wasnt that hard. We had a really nice trip to Valö in Göteborg archipelag. Valö is an island and also the outer harbour for our kayak club. On valö is a lighthouse and some cabins located. The cabins are available for the members to stay in over night.

Patric is breaking through the ice in the harbour

We had a nice evening paddling to Valö

Johan and Patric in the cabin

The lighthouse gives good protections from winds from north

We took a short walking trip at sunday morning

Patric is packing the new club kayak from Kayakpro

Johan is packing his Clapotis

I have started to use a Braca IV Wingpaddle last year.

Johan is pulling his kayak on the ice. The ice is pretty thick the last 50 meters.

3 thoughts on “First paddling trip for the season”

  1. How on erth can you stand it, sitting next to icecold vater with out being frozen to death? You don´t do a turnaround just for fun this time of the year or?

  2. As long as we are paddling it isn’t cold. Insulation under the dry suit is important. But we dont sit still, exposed to the wind, for long periods.

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