First test of Fenn Swordfish

I have tested the Fenn Swordfish. The Swordfish is the newest surfski from Fenn. When I was working in Stockholm last week I had the opportunity to borrow a Fenn Swordfish. I just had a short trip in very calm conditions but it gave me a great feeling and I’m eager to try it more. Compared to my surfski, a Fenn XT, it felt a lot faster, less stable but still very stable. I tried the Fenn Mako 6 earlier last week and the Swordfish is much more stable. In the Mako 6 I had to use brace strokes many times (more wind and waves) but in the Swordfish I felt safe and could focus on getting forward. The sit comfort wasn’t great but that was proberbly due to the seat was padded on both sides. I will try the Swordfish even more sometime in the next coming weeks. Then I will give a more detailed report.


Jens is paddling his Fenn Swordfish in Stockholm city.