Kayaking in Denmark

Denmark is almost completely surrounded by water. Denmark consists of many large islands and the peninsula Jutland. To the west the sea is grand and sometimes rough, to the east softer and more approachable. Add the many fjords and creeks, and you have perfect places to discover for seakayakers. There is hardly no tide so you don’t have to consider that.


On the east coast of Jutland you will find good places that are protected in the fjords. On the west coast you have great surfing at the sandy beaches. On the south part of Jutland you ahve a very nice location around the islands of Rømø and Fanø. Limfjorden that goes across Jutland.

Surf kayaking in Klitmøller


Funen is the island between Sjaelland (Zealand) and Jutland. On the south part is the city Svendborg located, a great place to start a paddling tour, close to the South Funen Archipelago.


The sea of small islands, Smålandshavet archipelago, south of Sjaelland. And of course Copenhagen’s harbour is a good location for seakayaking.

To & From

Denmark has really good connection to Germany. Both by car to Jutland and ferries Copenhagen (Sjaelland). The airport of COpenhagen is the biggest in Scandinavia and have connection all over the world. From Copenhagen you will reach the further part of Jutland in 6 hours by car. You can also reach Jutland easily from Göteborg by daily ferries. The speed ferry crossed the sea in less than 2 hours.

The public transport system in Denmark is good. There are several daily departures departures between Copehagen and the major cities in Denmark and also between Malmö and Göteborg in Sweden.


Unauthorized camping in tent is not allowed in Denmark. The exact interpretation of what tenting means is somewhat unclear. To sleep in a bivybag is ok, but you must sleep 150 meter (164 yards) away from buidlings.

Alternative to unauthorized camping is to ask for permission. The problem is to find right person to ask.  Official primitive camp sites, there is 700 different campsites located all over Denmark open for hikers, paddlers and bicyclers. Unfortunately, not that many close to the sea. And of course there are commercial campsites.


DSB, Train

Climate & Weather

DMI,  Danish Meterological Institute

Maps & Charts

KMS is the Danish authority responsible for both topographic maps and sea charts.

Maps sold online by Nordisk korthandel.

Sea Chart sold by Wilbach.


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