Åland Archipelago

  • Estimated time: 5-7 days
  • Start/Finish: Åland (Sandösunds camping)
  • Distance: 120 – 130 km (75-80 miles)
  • Map: Kayak Map (Order from Sandösunds camping or Tourist information)
  • Difficulty level: Intermediate
  • Must see/do: The entire archipelago is a must. The medieval castle Kastelholm.
  • Best time: Best weather is in July and early August but also the period with most visitors. From mid-August is the weather still good but hardly any other visitors/tourists.

    This trip is recommended for you who is an intermediate or experienced kayaker. The distance can be as far or as short as you want to. Plan for a week of paddling the first time but you can easily spend another week without crossing your own trail. Some areas are exposed to winds but mostly you can paddle in protected and calm water.  Åland is a part of the Archipelago Sea between Sweden and the mainland of Finland. It consists of more than 6000 islands. In a week of paddling here you will just see a handful of paddlers, a few sailboats, a few motorboats and some ferries between Swedend and Finland. It’s a beautiful archipelago. Well worth a couple of visits.

    aland paddling

    The redish granite is common in the north of the Archipelago.

    aland close to rock

    Beautiful rocks with sharp edges makes it fun to paddle close.

    The Åland Archipelago is a part of Finland. It has an old fascinating histroy and has belonged to Sweden. Swedish is the main language at Åland. The main city is Mariehamn and is accessible by ferries from both Sweden and Finland. From Mariehamn you can reach many good starting positions by car. There is also good public transport with ferries that makes it possible to start even further away from the main islands.

    aland tent spot

    In some areas the granite is shifting to grey but the greyscale can be stunning aswell.

    aland tracker

    Having a closer look at one of the few sailing boats. (photo: Fredrik Norström)

    aland wreck

    The Baltic sea is known of well preserved wrecks such as the Wasa but this wreck is much younger. (photo: Fredrik Norström)

    aland boat house

    Beautiful boathouses!

    aland blue sky

    Åland has mostly really good weather. According to the statistic it has most time with sunshine in Scandinavia.

    aland legend

    In July and August are the mornings often excellent for a morning tour.

    aland mirror

    Sea of mirror!

    åland best spot

    There are not many camping sites that offers grass or soil to your tent. Often you put your tent straight to the granite. The granite is mostly flat but you have to anchor your tent with rocks.

    best spot - not

    It can be windy and exposed as well. Here we camped a little to close to the sea.

    aland sailing

    We made us a sailingboat from our four kayaks and a tarp from Hilleberg.

    aland tent

    At some places are the camping sites well protected from wind in all directions.


    You can rent kayaks from different operators in the archipelago if you do no not want to bring your own kayaks.



    Visa Aland Archipelago on a large map