• Estimated time: 3 – 5 days
  • Start/Finish: Bergen (Mövik)
  • Distance: 65 – 75 km (40-45 miles)
  • Nautic chart: Coastal Charts No 207 & 208
  • Difficulty level: Intermediate to advanced (depending on weather)
  • Wildlife: White-tailed Eagle (sea eagle), porpoises
  • To/from: By ferry from the UK, Car (A beautiful one day trip from Oslo), Train from Oslo (6,5 hours) or by air to Bergen airport.

Bergen is located on the west coast of Norway. It is exposed to the Atlantic ocean and can be a really rough place to be at. West of the city of Bergen is an archipelago. In case of hard winds it is possible to paddle fairly protected at the east side of the major island Sotra. In good conditions is the west side perfect for kayaking. This area isn’t that dramatic with high mountains as it is in north of Norway but it is still beautiful and well worth a visit.

bergen 1st day

We could see tracks from breaking waves that sometimes reached as high up as 3 – 4 (10 – 13 ft) meters from the sea level.

bergen patric

Easy and warm paddling for 5 days. Some days it was above 30 C (86 F).

bergen passage 2

My friend Patric and I went to Bergen in the summer of 2008. We didn’t know where to start or where to paddle. After having a look on the map we found a small village called Mövik that had a strategic location. We asked a local about where to stay for the first night and he pointed out two islands. After that we just headed as far as we wanted the next couple of days. We were both tired after having had a hard period at work the weeks before. Some can problerbly do the same distances as we did in five days in two days. If you want to you could easily spend a week here and do a circumnavigation of the archipelago.

bergen tent spot

This was a typical spot for night camp. It was hard to find really good spots to put up a tent. The surface was undulating and one Island the rock had really sharp edges that made small holes at the tent bottom.

bergen toothbrush

All nights were amazingly warm and it cant be a regular sight to see someone brushing his teeth in shorts at midnight as far out as you can come in this archipelago

bergen beach

The only sand (shells) beach we found during the trip

bergen close to rock

As always in Norway the water is crystal clear.

bergen passage 1

The archipelago is pretty rugged and in some areas it was fun playing around between rocks

bergen directions

One of the areas with small passages between the islands.

bergen mirror

Hardly no wind at all in five days. Perfect weather to spot porpoises. You almost hear them every time before you spot them.

bergen back

Typical geology close to the main islands. This area of Norway isn´t that dramatic as further north but still it is beautiful.


There are local kayak companies that offers kayak rentals, courses and tours  in the archipelago.


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