The Coast of Helgeland

The coast west of the city Mo i Rana is called Helgelandskyst in Norwegian and is a stunning area. One of the most beautiful paddling waters in Scandinavia. It’s located close to the Arctic circle so the summer has the long summer nights. Even in early august it is possible to read a book in the middle of the night without using artificial light. The sun disappears  for a couple of hours but it’s just under the horizon.

More information is coming soon 🙂


View when arriving at Nesna

nesna landing

Landing at Lovund

nesna maria sunset

Amazing evenings close to the artic circle


Maria is paddling her new Silhouette

patric maria

Patric and Maria

nesna padddling out

Anders and Maria are paddling out late one evening…

nesna sunset

and are coming back one hour later in beautiful sunset


Patric close to Lovund

nesna shade

The sun can be really hot during daytime even this far up in the north


Karin is having a short break before finishing the final 2 km crossing back to Nesna

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