Naeroyfjorden is a part of the world heritage and it is really beautiful. Naeroy means narrow and it really was.

More information is coming soon 🙂


Packing the kayaks in Gudvangen. The surroundings was already impressive.


We went crusing in a pleasent pace with our rental kayaks.

ellen watching

The Guide Ellen is having a look at the high mountains.


A stop and watch at the Church in the remote village of Bakka.

naeroy fjord

Naeroy means narrow 🙂

naeroy waterfall

A stop at one of all the waterfalls

having a look back

There is still snow at the top of the mountains and it is the longest day of the year.


our basecamp


the family is doing the dishes with a decent view


Alessandro, the youngest of the siblings is getting ashore.

naeroy husruckel

Late evening hike on the mountain we found an old abandoned cottage…

old news

… were the time seems to have been standing still since 1964

naeroy flower

The second day starts with a nice sunrise but it was really early…


We went up to the top of the mountains on our second day. A long walk in beautiful surroundings.

snow at top

At the top of the ridge we went through a snow field before reaching the edge.

james view

James is having a look close to the edge. It’s just about 800 meters (approx 2600 feet) down to the surface.

naeroy group

magnificent paddling

mirror again

paddling on a mirror

naeroy james

James is paddling

naeroy shannon

Shannon is paddling

naeroy reflection

the reflections was stunning

naeroy sprouls

Thanks to the guide Ellen and to the Sprouls. I had and excellent time. Not only the surroundings was excellent.

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