West Coast – Orust

Orust is the third biggest island in Sweden and is located on the west coast of Sweden. It is a one hour drive north of Gothenburg. Orust is an excellent paddling destination for all levels in seakayaking. You can paddle in calm protected waters aswell as smashing your kayak into the rocks when practising rock hopping in the rock gardens. The best spot to start is at the store of Orust Kajak. From here it is about 50 min paddling to the strait between Vallerö and Härmanö. it is also close to the two picturesque fisihing villages of Kärringön och Gullholmen.

gullholmen3 West Coast   Orust

Johan is paddling in the harbour of the old fishing village of Gullholmen.

larshorisont2 West Coast   Orust

Lars in the strait between Vallerö and Härmanö.

larslarsson2 West Coast   Orust

Lars is heading out in the surf.

stockentraffen West Coast   Orust

Erik outside the island of Härmanö.

stocken08 West Coast   Orust

Johan is doing some rock hopping ouside of Härmanö.

caringren West Coast   Orust

Carin is enjoying the white water.

ifall tveksamheter om storleken West Coast   Orust

The waves can be pretty nasty in the strait of Vallerö and Härmanö.

maseskar 1 West Coast   Orust

Måseskär lighting house. A perfect daytrip!

orust West Coast   Orust

The water around Orust offer protected paddling aswell.

paddelgruppen orust West Coast   Orust

A group of paddlers are heading out to Tornö.

frukostweb West Coast   Orust

Breakfast on the top of Härmanö. Excellent view from here. icon smile West Coast   Orust