Hallands Väderö

Kayaking to Hallands Väderö. Hallands väderö is an island and a nature reserve located on the south west coast of Sweden. Best place to launch your kayak is on the beach in the charming village of Torekov.

Hallands Väderö (Halland’s Weather Island in english) belongs to the region of Skåne even if it named after the region Halland, located north of Skåne. The island is approx 3 km long and 600 meter wide. The paddling trip to Hallands Väderö is about 10 miles and it is in most days easy to reach from the mainland. The crossing from the mainland is about 2 km. Close to the island there is a seal protection reserve and also bird protection reserve that paddlers have to keep attention to.

Easiest place to launch your kayak is at the beach in Torekov. There is good landing opportunities at the bay on the north east section of the island. In calm weather it is also easy to land close to the light house on the west side.
The island is a nature reserve due to large bird population, beech forest, junipers and pastureland with sheeps. The rocky islets outside the westcoast of the island has a seal colony. There are no permanent residents on the island. In the north west part of the island is the light house located. It was built in 1884 but nowdays it is fully automated. The light house cabins can be rented for overnight accomodation from the owner Swedish Church. They are available for hire from April to October. The rental period is normally one week. Camping is not allowed.

Beside your kayak and your kayak gear it is a good idea to bring a picnic and your swim suit. The beaches are great. Enjoy a walk to the light house in the pastures and paddocks among cattle. There is a place called the English Graveyard. Several english sailors were burried here after the battle of Copenhagen in 1807.

Estimated time: 1 day
Start/Finish: Torekov
Distance: 12 – 15 km (10 miles)
Map: Terrängkartan 513
Nautic chart: Skärgårdskort 923
Difficulty level: 1
Wildlife: Seals, seals, seals, many birds and insects
Must see/do: It is a beautiful island with lots of flowers and wild life. Do a seal Safari, take a walk in the forest at the island, stroll to the lighthouse. The beaches is really nice!

More information

Hallands Väderö – The Swedish church is the owner of Hallands Väderö.
Boat tour – if you are tired you can take the boat to Hallands Väderö.
Tourist information (unfortunately only in Swedish)
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