Stockholm Archipelago

Kayaking in Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm Archipelago is one of the best kayaking destinations in Sweden. The archipelago is relatively close and easily accessible from Stockholm City. Stockholm is actually built on some islands in the archipelago and you can reach the outer skerries, 60 km east of the city centre, from the royal castle if you want to.

The archipelago is a paradise for paddlers during the summer. It stretches for more than 100 km from south to north. It is separated from the Åland Archipelago by a stretch of water. During winter the ice will make it impossible to paddle for a few months.

Even if you can start in Stockholm City I recommend you to start further out. Värmdö, Dalarö, Blidö and Stavsnäs is good locations to start, offering excellent access to the wilder scenery of the outer archipelago. Then you wont have to spend one or two days getting to the really nice parts of the archipelago. There are quite many local kayak entrepreneurs in this area that both organises guided kayak tours and where you can rent kayaks and equipment. The advantages with a local guide is that they know the best places to paddle and they have more detailed knowledge about culture and other attractions.

cj vid landsort1 Stockholm Archipelago

Carl-Johan outside Landsort

pp landsort Stockholm Archipelago

Patric outside Landsort

The archipelago is perfect for many different level of paddlers. From novice to advanced paddlers. You can always find protected water and you can paddle at very exposed locations if you want to. In the baltic sea the tide is minimal and will not affect your paddling. Both longer tours and one day tours are available. I recommend a multi-day kayaking trip do discover and experience the beauty of the archipelago.

at sea Stockholm Archipelago

Outer archipelago

stora björn view1 Stockholm Archipelago

Island of Stora Björn

Sea kayaking is an ideal way to experience the rich natural heritage of the Stockholm archipelago, allowing you to travel, with hardly any disturbance of the wildlife, through shallow and narrow passages between the islands. Stockholm Archipelago has rich diversity of flora and fauna.

stora björn Stockholm Archipelago

Camp site at Stora Björn

stora björn frukost Stockholm Archipelago

Breakfast at Stora Björn

cj surf Stockholm Archipelago

Carl-Johan having fun at subsurfaced rock

pp outgoing Stockholm Archipelago

Patric is paddling in calm conditions

cj kontrar1 Stockholm Archipelago

Carl-Johan is getting close to shore

tentspot Stockholm Archipelago

Some tentspots were really good.

One of the best thing about hiking and kayaking in Sweden is The Right of Public Access which make it possible to wild camping. If you prefer to have more organised accommodation it is also great opportunities to that. I have done a seven day trip from the south to the north of the Archipelago. You will find more about that trip here: sea kayaking in Stockholm archipelago.

nightcamp1 Stockholm Archipelago

We paddled quite long distances so we had to put up the camps in the dusk.

passage Stockholm Archipelago

In calm weather it’s no problems getting close to the rocks.

vass Stockholm Archipelago

Navigation? West coast paddlers are not used to be paddling in green salad!

cj mapreading Stockholm Archipelago

How about some navigation? C-J is reading the map icon smile Stockholm Archipelago

stora alskär Stockholm Archipelago

the Island of Stora Alskär offered an excellent night camp

sunset1 Stockholm Archipelago

contemplation at Stora Alskär

sunset mosquitonet2 Stockholm Archipelago

I woke up with this nice view and light in the middle of the night.

cj vid skär1 Stockholm Archipelago

Carl-Johan close to rock

pp incoming Stockholm Archipelago

Patric is in the kayak first of all in the morning

skärgårdsidyll1 Stockholm Archipelago

Some areas of the archipelago is “croweded” with houses and summer guests

patric motljus1 Stockholm Archipelago

but most areas are rural

pp morning Stockholm Archipelago

the morning procedure at a small tent spot

mirror Stockholm Archipelago

the inner archipelago has island with more vegetation.

yoga and strength Stockholm Archipelago

Paddling is meditation. If you don’t get relaxed from paddling there is other alternatives that you can combine with paddling icon smile Stockholm Archipelago

Estimated time: 2 – 14 days
Start/Finish: Ankarudden, Kapellskär, Blidö, Värmdö, Dalarö, Stavsnäs
Distance: 170 – 180 km (105 – 112 miles)
Nautic charts: Skärgårdskort
Difficulty level: beginner, intermediate to advanced
Must see/do: Landsort, wild camping, sea eagle spotting
Wildlife: White-tailed Sea Eagle and Osprey

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