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I bought my Hilleberg Allak tent nearly three years ago. I estimate I have had 40 nights in the tent since then. Before the Hilleberg Allak I owned a Vaude Space One (none existing one-vestibule version of Space II). I’m also owning a Hilleberg Akto which I’m using often as well. The reason I bought a Hilleberg Allak was that I wanted a completely freestanding, all season and still very light tent for two persons. I have had good experience with my Hilleberg Akto and when the Hilleberg Allak was presented in 2008 I was very fast in ordering one.



Minimum Wt. 2.5 kg/5 lbs 7 oz
Packed Wt. 3.1 kg/6 lbs 13 oz
Inner Height 105 cm/42 in
Inner Tent Area 3.0 m2/32.3 ft2
Vestibule Area 2 x 0.9 m2/2 x 9.7 ft2
Poles (9 mm) 3 x 370 cm/3 x 145.7 in
Pegs 10 V-Pegs


  • Light.
  • Easy to pitch, less than five minutes for one person.
  • Freestanding.
  • Solid construction, stands steady in really bad conditions.
  • Integrated vestibule.


  • Not the best ventilation. The Hilleberg Akto has much better ventilation.
  • The inner tent has not the best stretch. It might be a problem for tall users.


I’m very pleased with my Hilleberg Allak. It has been a perfect tent in harsh conditions. I love the two vestibules. It’s easy and fast to pitch on many surfaces and it is really good quality. I would love to modify it to increase the ventilation. I will continue to use both my tents depending to the environment and activity. I definitly recommend the tent if you are an outdoor person. If you going to use a tent for one week every year in good conditons, it’s an overkill.


Recommended retail prize is 869 EUR (2011)


Hilleberg the tent maker


The Hilleberg Allak is very easy to pitch. It takes less than five minutes and it comes with a suprise. 😉


The Hilleberg Allak can be placed almost everywhere

I love the red colour. The second colour option is green.

The inner tent has two layers next to the vestibules. It’s easy to remove one layer. One cool thing about that is the see-through effect. The other thing is better ventilation but still mosquito protected.

There are two vestibules that have much space for gear. There is also a removeable top.

Under the top there is two adjustable vents that are easily reached from inside.

The poles, hooks and straps are of good quality.

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Since I wrote this review Hilleberg have announced that they will introduce 3 seasons tent in 2012. Hilleberg Rogen and Hilleberg Anjan.


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