Rent kayak in Stockholm

Best kayak rental in Stockholm City and Stockholm Archipelago

Tips on where to rent a kayak and discover the best kayaking places in Stockholm city and the Archipelago. Both Stockholm City and Stockholm Archipelago are excellent and offers really nice opportunities for both beautiful day trips as well as multi day trips. There are many operators running kayak courses, rental and tours. You find a list of them right here. Besides sea kayaking it is also possible to do some white water kayaking in Stockholm City.

Stockholm has good public transport with subways, trains and buses reaching all over the Stockholm region. You can reach good starting positions for a kayak trip in the archipelago within one hour. More information about the public transport system is found here.

So if you are planning a kayak vacation or have a day over in Stockholm and want to do some adventure I can recommend the following operators.

Kayak rental Stockholm City

Horisont kajak

Kayak rental Stockholm Archipelago

Horisont Kajak
Dalarö Kajak
Kajak Uteliv
Ingmarsö Kajak

Other paddling links of interest in Stockholm

Accomodation for paddlers
The Right of Public Access
Kajak Uteliv
Ingmarsö Kajak

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