Denmark is hot this year

Besides Danish beer and red sausages is Denmark also a hot paddling destination this year. There have been some attempts to beat the record in circumnavigation Denmark. This attempt ended after 10 days because of equipment problems.

Now is my friend Ulrika Larsson from Green Adventures paddling around the Danish Coast together with her boyfriend Nick Cunliffe (BCU level 5 coach) from Kayak Essentials. Today they will paddle around the headland at Skagen according to latest update at Facebook. They have a great blog in English were you can follow their progress and they update it regularly.

Struggling through the surf zone is a common thing to do on the Danish West Coast. Image used with permisson from Ulrika at Green Adventure


New record in circumnavigation Denmark?

The 44 year old icelandic paddler Fylkir Þorgeir Sævarsson, who lives in Denmark, have started a kayak trip a couple of days ago. Fylkir is attempting to beat the old record in circumnavigation Denmark, in a kayak, which is 1200 km (746 mi) in 23 days. What I think is most remarkable is that Fylkir have not paddled much until last year. He attended a beginner’s course in paddlin 2006 but he didn’t began to paddle more seriously until 2009. In 2009 he paddled 300 km (186 mi) and in 2010 he paddled 2000 km (1242 mi). But he seems to be a good athlete. He has a history as a member of the Icelandic National team in Open Water Swimming and has also done some impressive mountainbike races.

  • Read more about his progress around Denmark here. Unfortunately it is in Danish but translate with Google.
  • Here is a link to google maps were you can follow him on the map. At the moment he has just left Klitmoller.

It will be fun to see if he will beat the record. 🙂