Surfski Spring Camp 2011

Last weekend the Surfski Spring Camp 2011 was held at Barnens Ö north of Stockholm. The organizer of the camp was Peter Ekström from Global Surfski.

The camp was really good. There was a mix of lectures, courses and kayaking for all paddlers regardless of level. As a complete beginner I had two missions. First was to get enough instructions to handle and understand the basics of a surfski. The second part was to test different models of surfskis.

Leif Davidsson from Aterra held the beginners course.

There were a lot of different brands of surfskis. Many were new to me. One of the were Fusion. A cool design and cool guys! Martin from Multisportbloggen

As a beginner, I was very well looked after. There was always someone more experienced paddler  near who could give instructions.

A track and field sprinter in a surfski.

Red and White! Danish?


More about the Spring camp

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Surfski Spring Camp 2011 Timelapse

Here is a short timelapse video from the Surfski Spring Camp 2011 at Barnens Ö in Sweden. Enjoy! 🙂

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More photos from the Surf Ski spring Camp 2011

Surfski for beginners?

Which is the best surfski for beginners? I’m going to the Surfski Spring Camp 2011 in Sweden next weekend and I have never tested a Surfski before. It would be fun to be able to do some strokes. I have heard that Honcho Guru shall be forgiving for noobs like me. Is that true or do you have other suggestions for a surfski that is stable for a seakayaker?

My friend has a Zedtech Griffin. I think that will be too challenging for me at the moment. We will find out if Surfski is my cup of tea next weekend.


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