Basic Kayak Instructions

What is most important to know as a new paddler? I haven’t given any kayak classes for a long while and my girlfriend Gabriella is fairly new to kayaking. So it is time to resume my old skills. Today we paddled to Eskilsholmen in the Archipelago west of Göteborg. Previously, we have only paddled short distances, about three times, without any special instructions or exercises. I have just given basic kayak instructions such as forward paddling strokes and reverse paddlings strokes. Gabriella have felt some uncertainty about being able to evacuate from the cockpit and what her reaction will be when she hits the water. I have good experiences to practice wet drills and evacuation from the cockpit early on to increase the development of paddling technique. Early exercises makes the paddler feel secure and increase the confidence.

Gabriella is paddling the Qanik in the harbour of Hinsholmen.

Summer is coming to an end and the boats have decreased in number in the archipelago.

On Eskilsholmen, we had a really good time with good drinks and food. Besides eating and drinking we practiced on basic under water exercises, wet evacuation and basic rescue techniques. Gabriella enjoyed the excercises and was eager to learn more. On the way back home I noticed a big difference in the attitude of pushing the limits in edging the kayak and also the paddling strokes were more powerful and distinct.

Gabriella doesn’t look to unhappy about the kayak drill. 🙂

On the way back was Gabriella’s paddling strokes more powerful.

We have another week off. Hopefully with good weather and some more kayaking.

Paddling instructions

Today the Göteborg Kayak Association had an organized paddle training with Anders Svensson, sprint specialist and member of Swedish national team and Tomas Norrman. About 30 members from our club came to the event. In addition to individual advice, also theoretical instructions were given.

It was a great mix of both exprienced and fairly new paddlers The variety of kayaks was also great. From fold up kayaks to surfskis and racing kayaks.

“How to paddle” instructions were given on land from Tomas and Anders

Janne Bengtsson

Jonas Fors in his Feathercraft

Sara Laine

Patric in a Zedtech Griffin

Anders Svensson in a Zedtech, racing kayak.

Johan Linder has also a Zedtech Griffin

Tomas Norrman has a Zedtech aswell

Ewa Westh in her Clapotis Sea Kayak