A new kayak wrapped up in plastic

Last week, a truck stopped at our house. The truck driver did not speak Swedish, English or German. After a few minutes’ attempts to understand each other we found a word we both understood. Kayak! Then It just took two minutes before I had a brand new kayak in front of the house. I have bought the new kayak model Qanik from Seabird Designs. The Qanik is completely new. I bought the kayak without having paddled it. So I am really curious about the kayak but I must be patient. It is still winter in Sweden and the ice at the sea is thick… Now I’m really longing for warmer weather.

The Qanik still wrapped in plastic

My friend Bo Ignell helped me to transport the Qanik to the storage at the sea.  I was in a hurry and I hardly had any time to check it out. Hopefully I will be able to do a more carefully examination in the next coming days. 🙂