New Year Paddling

December 31, 2011

Finally is the weather decent enough to do some kayaking. Just in time for the new year and the winter… My friends Pia, Erik, Patric and I had a great paddling in Göteborg Archipelago. The days between christmas and new years eve is pretty soft at work. I could work from “home” and my home yesterday was Valö!  A great way of ending the paddling and working year. :)

Happy new year everybody. Let 2012 be a great year for kayaking!

The sunset was magnificent.

Dramatic clouds but hardly any wind.

Pia is paddling her green Skim kayak. When she is not paddling, hardly ever happens, she is creating really nice silver jewelry.

Sunrise at Valö

The winter is coming closer. Frost on the deck this morning.

Patric has bought a new kayaking hat! Orange…

I had to break through some ice to get ashore.

Great weather but the ice will make it harder for me to launch the kayak the next coming months. Today it was easy to break through.

Finally Valö

July 3, 2011

I was delayed due to laziness for almost a day to the annual gathering at Valö. So when I finally lanched my Qanik I tried to focus on my speed. With a nice tailwind I reached Valö in the afternoon.


Valö light house with some of the kayaks


Today it was about 55 kayakers at Valö

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