Kayak year 2011 in retrospect

2011 was a great year for paddling. Here are some of my best kayak trips from the past year.


Still winter in Sweden. The winter was really long and cold during 2011. I bought a new kayak and my Qanik from Seabird arrived in mid february and no chance to paddle it until late march.


Fjällbacka is one of the most beautiful archipelagos in Sweden. We did a great trip in the end of april. Cold but beautiful. Read more about Paddling in Fjällbacka Archipelago


I tried a surfski for the first time and I got stucked. Surfski is great fun. Later on I bought a surfski. Read more about Surfski Spring Camp.

A new competition in paddling was held in the harbour of Göteborg at the same day as the world biggest half marathon in Göteborg. I didn’t compete but I got some great photos. Maybe I will compete in May!? 🙂 Read more about Paddelvarvet.


My friend Maria and I went for a weekend trip in well known water. This is normally a period when I hardly do any kayaking due to my allergy. Great weather and some new spots discovered. Gothenburg archipelago is really great for paddling. Read more about Paddling in Göteborg Archipelago.


The Gothenburg Canoe Association (GKF) had an evening with two really good sprint kayakers who gave us instructions. read more about the Paddling instructions event.

The annual kayak gathering at Valö south of Gothenburg was greatas usual. There was a kayak incident that turned out well. Read more about the Valöträffen.

North of the arctic circle is a great kayak event held every year. We attended for the first time. Loved it! 🙂 Read more about Arctic Sea Kayak Race.


Paddling in Lofoten

Paddling holiday


The best kayak symposium i have ever been to. Nigel Foster, Gordon Brown, Dubside and many more. Great Instructors, great arrangement and great weather. Read more about the Tjäröfestivalen.


I have been more into surfski during the fall than ordinary sea kayaking. Read more about Testing a drysuit andsearching for waves.


November was a month with hardly any paddling at all. We had a weekend of gray paddling. Read more about the gray Weekend paddling.


The year ended with great weather and we had a beautful paddling trip to Valö. Read more about the paddling trip.



Valöträffen 2011

The first weekend in July is special for the paddlers in the Göteborg region. That is when the annual kayak gathering at Valö is held. There is no official program, just spontaneous activities such as day trips and technique training. It is a relaxed gathering for paddlers from all over the region. About 55 paddlers came to Valö this year. Valö is located in the south part of the Göteborg Archipelago, about a 2 hour paddling from the west part of Göteborg, where the most paddlers have their kayaks. This year was really nice, as usual, but there was a kayak incident that could have turned the weekend into a disaster. Luckily everything turned out well.

A small light house and my Qanik on the way to Valö

Aase is waiting for other paddlers to show up

I have had a week with heaps of things to do so I didn’t follow my plan with an early start on friday evening. Instead I had a late start Saturday afternoon. With a nice tailwind it was a very pleasant paddling. When I arrived at Valö some kayakers were launching for an afternoon trip. Some others were already out on a day trip so it felt good just to chill out and have a good time. After a couple of hours most paddlers came back from their day and afternoon trips and heaps of friendly faces showed up. During the night a nice smell from the barbecues were mixed with laughter and stories from the latest paddling trips.

It is an excellent option to try different kayaks during these gatherings. Sara is testing an Arrow.

Smiling kayakers keeps the spirit up! 🙂

The sunday became really soft and relaxed as well. The winds were about 8 m/s head wind during the morning and according to the forecast the winds were about to decrease during the day so we decided to have a long soft day before starting the trip back home.

Camilla in her Tahe kayak outside Styrsö

Patric passing the beautiful cliffs of Kössö.

More photos from the Valöträffen 2011