Sea kayaking to Tornö

Tornö is located outside the third biggest island in Sweden, Orust. Orust is a great place for all levels of seakayaking. I wanted to visit the local kayak shop, Orust Kajak, and when the weather forcast predicted really nice hot weather it was not a hard decision. Some friends joined and we had a really good weekend. The water was really warm and hardly no wind so we had perfect conditions for just playing around.

Marie had her new kayak from Point 65 and it was a pleasant experience.

Patric and Karin in the labyrinth inside Hermanö

Åsa is getting through a small passage.

With this really hot and calm weather it was possible to camp on the normally exposed seaside of Tornö.

Patric is testing the balance in the Whisky 16 from Point 65.

Marie in her new Kayak

Marie, why dont you smack him? 😉

Whisky 16 is easy to roll.