Paddling in January

January 8, 2012

A year ago I went iceskating in the Archipelago. This year is the Winter late and the sea is still open. That’s perfect. More time for kayaking. :)

Today I went for a short trip chasing the ferries in the Archipelago. Nobody else on the water these days.

The Braca wing paddle for sea kayaking works out really fine.

Afternoon paddling

June 13, 2011

My friends Patric and Markus joined me today for a short kayak trip in the archipelago. I’m trying to learn how to use my new wingpaddle. It is a used wingpaddle but still a wingpaddle. I’m not sure if I will keep it but why not try something new for a while. At the moment I cant really tell any difference on the speed. I’m more confused when I cant do some common strokes. I will let you know more about my progress or if I will let the paddle be available on Ebay.

Markus joined us for the trip. He is paddling a kayak from Point65.

Patric is paddling a Zedtech Griffin. I joined him last november when he bought the Griffin. He is getting more comfortable in the Griffin now! :)

John Linder, who finished second in the 24 hour paddle race in Malmo, has also bought a Zedtech Griffin. We met Johan on our way back to the harbor.

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